Show Biz

Washington D.C. debut in Constellation Theatre Company's production of Urinetown.  

Directed by: Allison Stockman

Christine Nolan Essig commands the stage as Penelope Pennywise”
— Broadway World
Christine Nolan Essig stands out as one of the few apparent song-and-dance-bred creatures in view, though, bringing belting force and a ripple of wit to the one-note hardbitten role of Penelope Pennywise
— Washington Post
Christine Nolan Essig indeed bears a resemblance to the young Patti Lupone and has a similar balls-to-the-wall approach to singing. When in the second act, this actress sings in her soprano register, her voice reveals a more subtle and flexible vocal instrument. I wanted to hear more of her colors, but for what this score demands she sure has the pipes to just about shatter glass
— DC Theatre Scene
With a gorgeous singing voice, Essig funnels the crass and crude nature of her character directly into her big solo number, “It’s a Privilege to Pee.” Belting her face off with ferocity in this song, Essig imbues the character with an unnaturally predatorial verve that sends shivers up the spine and generates a tingling chill of fear as she stalks about the stage in this number. Stunning in her vocal prowess as well as her mindful presence when it comes to her character, Essig delivers Pennywise with an electric-fence jolt of raw, unapologetic saltiness
— Theatre Bloom