As an avid space science enthusiast, Christine is passionate about the innovation which occurs at the intersection of the arts and sciences.  Part of her job at NASA is educating the public about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) which is currently being assembled and will be launched in 2018 from French Guiana.  JWST will allow us to see the first stars and galaxies that formed billions of years ago.  It will also tell us more about exoplanets and perhaps even find building blocks of life elsewhere in the universe. 




MIT Professor, Dava Newman's BioSuit uses nickel and titanium shape memory alloys to expand and contract around the wearer's body. During the development process of the BioSuit, MIT has created diverse, cooperative communities of engineers, designers, scientists, and artists, creating and training a new generation of creative thinkers. 




Stars Align with Constellation Theatre and James Webb Telescope

Peter Stockman and Nobel Physicist, John Mather are two senior project scientists of the James Webb Telescope at NASA. Allison Stockman, daughter to Peter Stockman is my Director of Urinetown at Source Theatre and the Artistic Director of Constellation Theatre Company in Washington D.C.  She mentioned that one of the reasons why she decided to name her company "Constellation" was because of her father's love for space science.  The moment I knew that John Mather and Peter Stockman were in the theatre and will see me perform was a moment I will never forget. If you appreciate the application of the principles of string theory, you may value a moment in time like this. On this day, my passion for the arts and science overlapped. I'll never say that parallel universes don't collide!

Photo: Jane Mather, John Mather, Peter Stockman, Christine Nolan Essig (Order: Left to Right)